Improvisation courses
I am addressing my offer especially to music schools and music academies (organ and piano classes).
Ladies and Gentlemen, in addition to purely concert activities, an important part of my artistic activity is promoting improvisation in the form of individual classes or in the form of group courses.
Improvisation begins to experience its renaissance, it ceases to be perceived as a skill "for the chosen ones", which is innate. Thanks to further studies in the class of the excellent improviser prof. Wolfgang Seifen, my love for this art has deepened, and my knowledge has been systematized.
From my own experience, I know that it is extremely important to develop this art under the supervision of a person who is a practitioner in this field and has achieved successive stages of development enabling the free use of improvisation.
From my numerous observations it appears that the earlier we begin our experience with this art, the easier it will be to develop it and overcome internal resistance to its public presentation.
Improvisation significantly improves creativity, thinking, better understanding and interpretation of already written works. We become both the composer and the performer of our own work. I often use the reference to comparing improvisation to learning a new foreign language. At the beginning, we learn the alphabet, words, spelling, and grammar, and then we can create whole sentences in our musical sentences.
Feel free to contact me about improvisation courses that you would like to organize in your institution.
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Below are some recordings of improvisation that I performed during the concerts.